Christmas with Tom

December 11th, 2008 by angelessance in Photo Albums, Remembering When...

It was the year 1997 the same year we were married. I had mentioned to tom that i would like for us to do “extra special” gifts for our loved ones, my family included.

One gift i gave to tom before Christmas it was a jerry garcia Christmas ornament and he absolutely loved it! I’m gonna try for the first time to add photos to the post so you can see the ornament kind of on the front of the tree, it is the only round ornament on there lol.

Anyways we ended up going all out to make Christmas special and what i learned the most from that year was it felt really really good to do for others rather than high expectations for yourself, see when you set high expectations for how something is gonna turn out you usually end up with more disappointment than grace. Tom and I had one major thing in common, we got the most joy out of the “simple” things in life. We got along great that way. just to be at my mom’s house with everyone gathered there and to see their faces light up from “the perfect gift tailored to them” was what made it so special.

I will include a picture of tom sitting on my mom’s couch, of course he has a funny look on his face because a lot of times you couldn’t get him to make a “serious” photo (unless of course it was a band photo tee hee) other wise he liked to goof off in pictures. I loved that about him to because now i have all these pictures to look at of him “goofing off” and that tells me he was having a good time! i sure do miss him goofing off!