Where Tom Lived And How

May 14th, 2009 by KoZ in Remembering When..., The Band

I think back as to when i visited Tom and some of the places he lived. He was never in a place very long. It seemed that every time i was going to visit him for “some reason or another” he was in another place. And the interesting thing was that looking around these places your first impression was this guys a true hippie that learned to live place to place with what he had available.

He had a lot of interesting things, the artwork, hippy banners, colorful painted walls, sheet window coverings.  Always the places appeared to be in a shuffle of news papers, records, trash, band equipment, and hemp roaches everywhere. He was always entertaining and talking about his beliefs, the news,  politics, etc. He seemed to keep up with all that better than anybody i knew. And it would be interesting conversation to say the least.

I remember the rockstation one and two, the studio that was built at #2, they had parties at both that I remember to this day being there. I remember the house 408 butler, a rundown large home where they had mixing equipment set up in the living room and a few of the band members lived there. (i recently tried to find that place, it has since been torn down). I remember the record/jewelry store that Tom set up and was always intrigued at the stuff there. Tom and Dave had a place downtown by now the Lugnut Stadium in a basement of a building where there was some parties.  Tom also at a point in his life lived in a tree house in east Lansing with a guy named Bill. I have found the lot I believe where it was, right by the lake/park. I was told Tom kept warm by a coffee can stove that he built. Tom even had spent some time at the Lansing city rescue mission.

Two of Toms homes (that I recall) Tom had been busted for growing “mother natures best” there.

There are many places Tom lived, and I am sure there are many storys to be told about his homes, There is a section in the movie on Toms homes, So any input here will help for the movie, lets hear your story on the places Tom lived, If you can remember addresses i would like them because i will go film the front of the home for the story. This guy lived in more places than anybody I knew.