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December 1st, 2008 by animal in Remembering When..., The Band

Animal here, to post my thoughts and feelings about a friend and bandmate, Tom Burke. Tom was a man of the future, living in the past. By that I mean that Tom stayed up on current happenings all around the world. 90% of the time if you went to see Tom he had news on the tv. He’d get up everyday go to the store and buy a chocolate milk, donuts, and a news paper, maybe a pack of smokes or something. But I think he thought that the 60’s were the best years for music. And what the hippy’s believed in. He never let it or the bands fans down. Tom knew what he wanted and that was that. We fought like brothers at times but when the lights came on it was showtime. Sometimes I wonder if Tom wanted his band and work to be over or if he wanted it to continue. There was avlot of people that worked or played with the last hippy band. Or in my case both.

I met Tom when he was sitting in with a band called northwind up in saint johns. That was in 1979 I met Tom again in 1982. At that time he had formed The Last Hippy band. I was working for bands like XKE, Savage grace, The Rich Kids plus others. Well one friday I got a call from Tom asking if I’d be able to do a couple shows with them. I had to help setup and teardown the show. After awhile Tom started showing me how to run the sound and set it up, Then he tought me how to do lights. And he taught me these things in the living room of penn. st. hippy house. The band was setup in the dining room and I don’t know if anyone ever used the kitchen. I looked up to Tom because when I was growing up music was everything to me. I owned several different instruments but had no one in my life that knew anything about music. However I knew I liked the drums best and it came to me naturally. And Tom helped me learn most of what I know about music. Well I’m done for now hope to read your comments.


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    ANIMAL!! Great to hear from you! Send me your email address:

    Yup, Tom with his QD choclate milk & donuts. I laughed when I read that. So true. A man of the future, living in the past – that fits real well too.

    – Jim

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    yes i remember those mornings really well lol and the television station was always either news or one of his other favorites the weather channel!