April 20th, 2009 by angelessance in Remembering When...

Everyone knows it is coming up on a year since the hippy hit the sky, i know wherever he is he has a great comedian goerge carlin, lots of other musicians including one of his all time fav’s jerry garcia (although he isn’t recent). I know that Tom’s advice for us all would have been in his way with a chuckle and say something like ” come on don’t be sittin around sad for me that wasn’t what i was about while i was here”. At least that’s whatI like remembering, the good times. he is just as much in my thoughts as he was when he was still here.

If you continue to share on this site and keep it up and going my gift to you all next march 11th which is 2010 i will share my complete wedding pic’s with all of you, of Tom’s and my wedding, I feel those are my best that I would love to share. thanks guys for keeping this here, I visit often just to see the pics, and any new articles shared.