Music in The Big Mess

September 4th, 2008 by Toad in The Music
The Big Mess - cover

The Big Mess (Cover)

The Big Mess was a CD I bought from Tom way back when. He never put a copyright date on the disc or the cover art. The date on the disc’s files says December 31, 1994. I thought I remember him working on it much later then that, but my memory is CLEARLY not what it should be. This version he has splurged and bought glossy card-stock type paper for the insert. I know other had been printed on plain paper.

The Big Mess - cover inside

The Big Mess (Inside Cover)

I remember from time to time listening to the work in progress. Most of the time he’d never be to busy to take a short break and shoot the sh-t with friends that stopped by. He was always proud to show off the latest work, and always wanted feedback. He’d always humbly listen to the feedback, and then do what he was going to do anyway. 🙂

Here’s a few tracks from The Big Mess. (It’s been a long time since I’ve heard that voice) The Bonus Track was untitled and not listed on the CD insert? ADDED: Looks like my disc was mislabeled. Angel has a disk with the last track labeled Skeletons.

The Last Hippy Band – The Big Mess

The Last Hippy Band – Spin

The Last Hippy Band – Aurthur Lake

The Last Hippy Band – The Shadows

The Last Hippy Band – Got It Bad

The Last Hippy Band – Summer Sidewalk

The Last Hippy Band – A Lad In Dream

The Last Hippy Band – Silent Strangers

The Last Hippy Band – Song For The Eighties

The Last Hippy Band – Master Blaster

The Last Hippy Band – Jack

The Last Hippy Band – Drum Choo Choo

The Last Hippy Band – Mad Hatter Tea Party

The Last Hippy Band – Roadway Cruisin’

The Last Hippy Band – Skeletons


7 Responses to “Music in The Big Mess”

    angelessance Says:




    WOW , so far i had been unable to listen to the stuff i have myself , but by you sharing it here in the way you have i was able to finally listen! THANK YOU!

    angelessance Says:




    ok i pulled out “the big mess” cd i have and that song you have as a bonus track is on mine and is called “skeletons” the jacket i have has the same cover and inside but on the back page has all song names listed and this 15th song is named skeletons! how fitting huh?

    toad Says:




    Skeletons is track #14 on my CD. I have these tracks listed:
    1. Big Mess
    2. Spin
    3. Arthur Lake
    4. The Shadows
    5. Got It Bad
    6. Summer Sidewalk
    7. A Lad In Dream
    8. Silent Strangers
    9. Song for the Eighties
    10. Master Blaster
    11. Jack
    12. Drum Choo Choo
    13. Mad Hatter Tea Party
    14. Skeletons

    But no 15. The Mad Hatter Tea Party reminds me of the live Gloria. I wish I had a recording of that.

    angelessance Says:




    ok in the email you sent i replyed and attached my version of the song list? maybe we do have different cd’s?

    Toad Says:




    Cool. The music is probably the same, but looks like Thom made a mistake on the jacket for mine. Track 14 should be Roadway Cruisin’, then 15 is Skeletons.

    angelessance Says:




    this site is awesome!! keep up the good work!!!!!!

    KoZ Says:




    My disc is just like angels skeletons being #14, This is a great disc, Tom had another disk also, and there is some earlier songs he wrote, I am working on getting those too. Its so cool that he was able to do what he did with his own music, he did very well with it, he used to tell people it was not about the money, you can make copies if you wanted. he just wanted people to hear his music. I listen to his own music more now than ever, and really like his songs. I will post some earlier songs of his soon here at this site. The songs are used in the movie “The Last Hippy”.  I remember him working on this before 1994, But i am not sure either, Dave B probably knows.