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tom would have turned 55 on monday August 3rd so i wanted to share a birthday tribute.

Tom was not the kind of person that took life for granted, the intire time i knew him he always felt fortunate to have lived as long as he did, his father passed away when he was very young do to  the same heart condition tom had. We all know that technology has offered solutions to many things since then but tom was so sure he was here for a purpose much bigger than that and so to do i!!!! He was so in tune and honestly i mean that as a pun LOL!! I mean musically, with his art, with nature, with people, with his dreams, with  his talent, mind , body and soul! he was a gift to everyones life he touched. He was extremely passionate about life, music, current events, and too many cuases to name!! He made so great of an impact on my life and i know of alot of other people who feel the same about their personal encounters with him as well, he was open minded enough to listen to you and offer his opinion and you could have an awesome discussion, because he was even able to explore possibilities way beyond, even funny stuff. I never walked away without another outlook, better feeling, more comfort and hope along with knowledge. He shared alot in all aspects and for that i will always be greatfull that Thomas Walter burke was born, lived, and loved!

peace always to

you everyone



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    Hippy birthday!!  That’s great angle, some more thoughtful insight.
    I never actually knew when his birthday was.  Now I do.