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days and days are going by and i notice it is coming up on a year that tom has been gone! i miss him more all the time! tom was a very kind hearted and compassionate person, there have been so many times that i have wished i could see what his input would be on this that or the other, how much that has gone on would he be so surprised about or say right on about! i can think of 2 milestones that he would just be blown away by in this state and country, he was always pretty current on events and stuff. lets just face it i would just plain like to talk to him again, no matter the conversation. i hope everyone out there who knew and loved tom are doing ok and still visit here offen just to remenisce about tom like i do, this is a great site!!!!!


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    Toad Says:




    I can’t believe it’s been a year already also. It’s been so long since I’d spoken with Tom. yeah, Right On! So many events over the last year would have been right up there on his list of interests. I’m sure he’d have much to say about the economic collapse. that would have been a good topic between us! Still thinking about you Tommy, wish you where here!

    kenwood05 Says:




    tom has left me one super good seed and it’s to put to work a gen

    angelessance Says:




    kenny email me at plz

    kenwood05 Says:




    that super tommy gum weed will be avable very soon

     wish tom had a chance to get the michigan med card

    it has ben really good me

     i will send pics of the weed

     you can see me on


    kenwood05 Says:




    thank you all for every thing

     tom would have loved it

     he was so very cool about life !

     smoking lol have a good !

    thats how it was with him as a friend

    Toad Says:




    Hey Ken, glad you’re keeping the spirit alive!   If you are still near lansing, drop into the Capitol City Compassion Club Meeting sometime and say high!  As a caregiver, I’d love to have a cutting of that seed.

    angelessance Says:




    lol i went and watched the vids on youtube, very kind!!!!