Brief Incounter

March 24th, 2009 by Harry F. Kiniption in Remembering When..., The Band

I met Tommy in the early 90’s at Dave Bjornsons studio on Oakland. I had arranged a audition with the band thru a friend who new The Last Hippy Band was looking for a guitar player. I just left a former outfit and was eager to get work. I knew at the audition if they went for it I would be playing a lot because Tom and Jimmy seemed pretty motivated to book shows. I really did not know of the lineage of the Hippy band that day but soon discovered they had quite a following and was excited that I had passed the audition and would be in the lead guitar spot. I was never as close with Tom or the core Hippys as they were together, being the new hand but quickly they were all very gracious and I felt pretty good about the course of things. They certainly kept me working for around two years all over. Weedstock festivals and Easyrider Rodeos and Abate meets all over Michigan and outstate too. Had a lot of fun and respected Tom for the fact he was doing what he loved to do.? We all were.

I’ll never forget when the News crews came to the weedstock fest in Mt Horib Wisconsin to do a news story. Cameras rolling in front of all of us and Tom leaped into his diatribe about all things Hippy and NORMAL and such while we were standing in front of the back of my truck with the license plate in full view of the? TV News cameras. The scene was wild people with Nitrous tanks and balloons and every other thing under the sun in full view. I was freaking out because I was on probation at the time and not supposed to be out of the state let alone headlining the biggest Legalize Maryjane rally in the country that year. Im thinkin well this ought to be interesting when my probation officer is watching the evening national news at the dinner table tonight.?But there was Tom promoting the band and his causes. He was in prime form for sure. I have many memories Ill hold a little tighter now I guess.

After a couple of years I went my own way and left the band and life carried on and I lost touch with the last Hippy Band. I did visit the web site from time to time to see what they were up to and always meant to go to a gig and see the fellas but never did. I don’t really even know what shape or form they were in those years that followed. I do have alot of good memories of those couple of years and all the people I met thru Tom and The Last Hippy Band. I am proud to say at least for a time I was an official Last Hippy Band member. I guess that makes me an alumni don’t it? Well very sad Toms gone but he’ll carry on in all of our thoughts and memories of the day. I will look I know I have some band footage or at least field party footage. Scotts woods I recall? Hopefully I can find some of the old tapes. Rockon To all….. Im gonna dig out my inscense and pepperments tape tonight.


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    Jim E. Says:





    Good to see you here! Hope things are good for you these days, doing well here.

    Those were some grand days.?Still living in Howell?

    Here’s my latest endevor –

    Enjoyed your post.

    – Jim

    Harry F. Kiniption Says:




    Grand days indeed. A flood of memories. So many folks I would like to send my regards to…. Hope all is well