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Back in 1996 i was really big into writing? in a special calender. I wanted to keep track of my tattoos mainly and the dates of tattoo competitions i entered, won etc., it was out of character for me to put this type of thing in the calender but i happened to write in the date i met tom! it was 3/11/96. I found out i had written it in my calender only after we were planning to get married and i wanted to try and figure out as close as possible the date to a year, and thought if i just looked back in my calender to see which tattoo i had gotten or competition i entered close to that time maybe it would spark the actual date in my mind.

OK i’m gonna back track for a second, tom had asked me what i wanted for my birthday in 96 and i have always been big on the more “simple” things in life because i am a firm believer those truly are the things that make us the happiest! so all i wanted was a cd by a band none other than one called 311 (keep in mind i had not looked in my calender nor realized that was also the date we met) I was so into that band at the time because they have a wide range of musical style mixed from rock, hip hop , funky stuff, and reggae (with a little rap added to the mix) but what drew me to them in the first place was also the lyrics to their music is very positive. one of my all time favorite songs is on the cd tom got me for my birthday called? “all mixed up” it starts out by saying “you’ve got to trust your instincts and let go of regret, you’ve got to bet on your self now start cause that’s your best bet” ……and so on. anyways when i noticed the date we met, and what he had gotten me for my birthday it was sealed for sure! that was the date i wanted us to get married on. I was lucky enough to get a chance to see 311 in concert in 97 as well and got back stage passes because i have always somehow been involved in the music industry and lucky enough to come by opportunities such as this as a result.

When i got to meet them i told them all about the sequence of events leading up to the “coincidences” in how it all came about, i even got to share some of our special home brew!!!! I had them sign the cd jacket from the cd tom bought me, just before they got on the bus to leave they asked if any of us wanted anything else signed and i asked them as a band did they have their own special symbol, he put the symbol in magic marker on my arm and i went to doc (my tattoo artist) and asked him if he would tattoo that in my arm just as the band member wrote it, sure enough he did but later after i had gotten it tattooed i started thinking that people who didn’t understand what i was about might look at it and automatically think it was a gang sign, or symbol so i asked a free hand tattoo artist named hawk if he had any suggestions to sway that “stereotypical sticker” and was wondering if maybe we surrounded it with flowers or something hippy like so he free handed a peace sign with tye-dye around it, i’m sure many of you have seen the big tat on my fore arm but in case you haven’t that is the story behind that one, it not only plays part in mine and tom’s relationship but our beliefs and ways of life as well!

I will always love and appreciate each and every moment i spent with him and the many valuable lessons learned with him, through him and from him.



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    Cool, that is a great story. So where’s the picture of the tat? Can’t tell that story without a picture!

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    i will work on that one in the next couple of days!!! I PROMISE!!