Write a New Reflection

fter you have registered yourself (link in Access of the right sidebar). You must apply to create new post. Contact us with your user name to be approved for new content creation.

To get started, click the ‘Write’ link in your Control Panel (see Access heading on sidebar) to start your post. You may ‘Save’ it and continue working later, or ‘Publish’ it when you are finished.

You may upload media from the Add Media buttons on the post editor and insert the media into your post where needed. You may add media already uploaded by others from the same buttons.

There is a button on the editor tool bar (Add NextGEN Gallery) that allows you to add full galleries or any individual images from the galleries on your post with your personal reflections.


You can add Tags to your post. Tags are optional. Tags are keywords that are used to group the posts later.

Choose a category (labeled Topic on the sidebar) under the Categories section, also below the main Write box. You should choose a category for your post (Reflection). If you don’t, it will appear as Uncategorized.

The Excerpt section is optional and allows you to choose the text that is displayed on the pages that show lists of posts. If you leave this blank, your Reflection will appear in the lists as the first 55 words or the main text.

You probably won’t use Trackbacks. They are used to refer to other sites’ posts.

You may decide whether you wish to allow other folks to comment on your reflection. Click the Comments & Pings heading below the Write box.

Custom Fields are optional and may be used to add a small list of something at the end of your post. An example I used is “Folks Involved”, which was a short list of people that where there.

And last, Password Protect (optional). I don’t recommend posting anything that is so private nobody else should see it. But it is there.


Hint: you can tease the reader by placing your mouse cursor where you wish the post to be continued, then click the ‘Insert More Tag’ button on the toolbar or by adding <!–more–> in the middle of your post (in HTML edit mode). When it is first displayed, the post will quit displaying and the reader is shown a [Continued…] tag.

Hint: In the topic and archive list pages a summary, or excerpt, is automatically displayed without any media. You may choose what excerpt is displayed by filling in the advance excerpt field of the post edit page.

Hint: If you would like a link to an outside URL to appear in a ‘Lightbox’, simply add the following tags to the link HTML:

class="lightview" title="::::fullscreen:true"

The link should look like this:

<a href="http://www.surfalot.com/" class="lightview"
title="::::fullscreen:true">The Site</a>