Creating a Gallery

After you have registered yourself (link in Access of the right sidebar). You must apply to create new post. Contact us with your user name to be approved for new content creation.

There are are several ways you can add media as a ‘Gallery’. If you want to use the slideshow feature of the NextGEN gallery it is important that the images are relatively the same size and relatively square in shape (rectangular, but no extremely stretched).

First Method

You may click the ‘Gallery’ link at the top of your Control Panel and add a new gallery for your uploads. Then click Upload Images to upload your images. You may enter titles and descriptions to keep track of them more easily as well as offering detail to other folks that browser them.

If you want the gallery to be published on the Gallery main page, then when you are finished, Contact us and select ‘My Gallery is Ready to Publish’ as your subject. Be sure to include the name you have given the gallery so we know which one to publish.

Second Method

You can upload each image in a ‘Gallery’ or through the ‘Add Media’ links on the post editor.

Then start a new post from the Write link. Add each image to the post from the ‘Add Media’ or ‘Add NextGEN Gallery’ button on the post editor toolbar and position them as needed. This gives you the power to format them as you wish and add your comments around each one.

When you are finished, you can ‘Publish’ it yourself to the ‘Photo Albums’ topic. Or you can Contact us and select ‘My Gallery is Ready to Publish’ as your subject and tell us you have a ‘Post’ to add to the ‘Galleries’ page.

Third Method

Use the First Method to generate a Gallery of your own images. Then write a post and insert the entire Gallery into your post using the ‘Add NextGEN Gallery’ button on the write post toolbar. You can pick Slideshow or Gallery options. Then Publish the post to an appropriate topic such as ‘Photo Albums’. NOTE: if you want to do a Slideshow, the images should be relatively square to show the entire image during the slideshow.