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Hello hippy fans. I am in production of a aprox 2 hour movie of the band life of Tom Burke, It includes band cuts, pics, interviews, his art work, places Tom lived and played. I am looking for certin people whom played with him for a short interview if I have not got it yet, Also would love to interview his son and daughter, Any help would be great, looking to have done for a summer barn party at the henderson barn (july 2009?).

Please contact me at or 517-449-1930 if you can help locate more stuff, thanks, Rock on Hippys, KoZ


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    A list of members that played in the band (officially) that i know of, If you see your name here, and would like a interview for the movie or have something to add, please contact me. Please let me know the ones I am missing or anything about the members listed.

    tom burke
    jim earley
    kenny grabo (died when?)
    rick crump
    tim schwartz
    lee sugnut (maggot)
    klaus ?
    dave bjornsen
    milo bowden
    al chamberlain (died 1989)
    ron brinkman
    rueben fuentes (first drummer?)
    randy “bird” (rare earth)
    ed smile (member?)
    scott litz
    bill morgan
    robert crampton (boo boo)
    carl ely
    dan meyers (animal)
    bill isbell (izzy)
    dave losey
    mike lott (medicine crow)
    dave leppien
    tim vanepps
    kim willard
    kevin maynard
    champ bodell
    matthew cecora
    and who is missing?


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